Getting to know me! Getting to know all about me!

Hi! You somehow found my really rad blog!  This blog is going to be a combination of a few projects I am working on and a home for my art and business.  So let’s learn some facts about me? I guess?

My name is Abigail!  Everyone on the planet can call me Abby.

I use they/them pronouns and you should use them when referring to me in the third person.

Informed consent and comprehensive sex ed are a few of my favorite things.

I own Untamed Undies and make undies, pasties, and sex toys.

I enjoy long walks on the beach, naps, and dismantling the patriarchy.

I have a lizard named Liza Elton.

I just want to make things and scream into the abyss.


Let’s do this shit.

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