About My Products

My name is Abigail, and I am the creator, owner, sole employee, and everything else of Untamed Undies. Untamed Undies creates undies, pasties, and impact play toys for folks across the gender spectrum. I got started in the middle of the night in March of 2014 when my mother asked me what I was going to do with my life after leaving art school. I have never claimed to excel in many areas but what I did have was art and aggressive feminism. I wanted the fashion industry to do more than reduce people down to the sum of their body parts, and I picked underwear to be where I started. We as a society deserve better, we deserve more, and I am here to try and give it to you.

My underwear is printed on 100% cotton using one of two processes. Some of my designs are still done through traditional silk screening however I am moving away from that process due to the high margin for error when printing on underwear . The majority of my designs are printed through specialty transfers that are then applied through the use of an industrial heat press. They should be washed inside out dried on cool to preserve the designs.

My pasties are built on top of a non porous thermoplastic which drastically increases their lifespan in comparison to traditional materials such as craft foam, buckram, or felt. Due to the nature of the materials my pasties are sanitizable and cleanable with the use of an alcohol wipe or a small amount of soap and water. My pasties come in four sizes to accommodate areolas of all sizes and genders.

My toys currently consist of impact play toys. I make an effort to work with bright and non-tradional colors to bring more variety to the world of kink. Life is too short for boring toys. I work in gimp (yes that plastic lacing you remember from girl scouts and summer camp), leather, and other plastics and rubbers. An effort is made to make sure that all toys are balanced and all are stress tested.