hybrid redear sunfish

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One genetic quirk that occurs with sunfish hybrids is skewed sex ratios. The redear sunfish is a large, chunky sunfish species found in the south. There are 11 different species of sunfish. When stocking sunfish, consider adding the restructure to the mix. This guide will help you quickly and accurately determine which species you're catching. Im positive it is a hybrid now one guy told me he catches them alot and it definately not a redear sunfish Please contact your nearest Conservation Department office for a list of commercial fish producers and for more information concerning pond management. Five years ago, “panfish” took on a new meaning. This is especially true in the Ozark portions of southern Missouri. Redear sunfish ( Lepomis microlophus) is a member of the sunfish family. The hybrid bluegill is the result of a cross between a male bluegill and a female green sunfish, resulting in a fish that appears much like its male parent with an oval body and pointed pectoral fins, but it has a distinguishing deep yellow to orange color belly. This family of fish contains many species, including bluegill, largemouth bass and white crappie, just to name a few. Natural baits such as worms, crickets and grasshoppers also work well. Again, low reproductive rates by hybrid sunfish will only limit forage available to bass. Floating food allows you to monitor food consumption in case disease or oxygen problems develop. After a pond has been prepared, mature male and female sunfish over 2 years of age should be selected and stocked into the pond at a ratio of 1:1 male to female, and a rate of 30  to 40 pairs per acre. When catch rates decline noticeably, it’s time to replenish your supply by restocking. //

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