the problem with ace curriculum

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"ACE in fact is a very challenging curriculum that uses many methods of instruction." Remember that vaguely exciting discovery of Lucy, a 40 percent complete Australopithecus afarensis skeleton back in 1974? endstream When I was a student of this program, I remember learning about the material world ad infinitum, with nary an experiment in sight. All curriculum is written by ACE Co-Founder & Buck Martinez. Foundational Blocks and Block Directors. Students are taught that fossils exist to test one’s faith, that Noah’s flood explains the Grand Canyon as well as our reserves of oil and gas, and that humans and dinosaurs existed at the same time. Teachers do not exist within this institution – instead there are ‘supervisors’ and ‘monitors’, responsible for answering pupil’s questions. For example, in my experience with English PACES, I only remember filling in countless pages of grammar exercises – I cannot recall ever studying a book or a poem. According to ACE, evolutionary scientists believe that “There were only fish. endobj

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