Art = Work

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All my life I have been told that “if you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life”.  Now I am going to tell you a big scary truth: this is some rich person “I can hire a person for that” bullshit.  No matter what you do in life there will be shitty parts of that job.  I’m an artist, I make art and objects by using handcrafts that I LOVE doing.  I love woodworking, I love working with leather, I love clay, I love drawing, and I love designing new pasties but everything I do is work.  I do not love expense reports, or trying to figure out what in the actual fuck taxes are (this is a constant struggle).  Both the things I love and the things that I do begrudgingly are all work.  I work at drawing.  My woodworking and leather crafting skills are EONS better than they originally were because I work on them.  

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Sex Ed Saturday: Virginity And How Ladies Do The Do

The concept of virginity and how to do the do amongst same sex couples, and in particular same sex couples where everyone has a vagina is confusing as shit; so let’s talk about that.  I personally have no idea when I lost my virginity, it could be anywhere from like 13 to 16 because I have no idea what constitutes a sexual debut when no one has a penis.   Continue reading

Baby’s First Pride

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My first pride I was still in the closet.  I told my mother I was sleeping over Heather’s house (shout out to people not even knowing they were complicit in my convoluted plan), said I was being picked up while my mother was out, and snuck out of my own house (which was empty at the time) to a classmates house whose parents were the absentee type of parents.  We told her parents we had an art project that we needed to go to a museum for and they, due to being too busy, put us on the train and we split up with plans to meet back up at the MFA so her parents could retrieve us.   Continue reading

Coming Out: The Big Lie

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I am out.  I came out loudly, I in fact yelled at my mother over text message about it for not figuring it out on her own and then proceeded to be as out as humanly possible.  This was about 5 years ago and I still have to come out to people on a regular basis and it. Is. exhausting. Continue reading

Sex Ed Saturday: Lets Talk About Nudes

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Ok folks, real talk; most people take naked pictures of themselves. Even if you normally don’t, things happen. Sometimes, you get a little tipsy, you realize your phone has a camera built in and you rationalize that you’re only going to send it to your partner right? Right?! Wrong! You can send it to the wrong person, or you can get extra confident and send it to everyone. If you can not handle people you have to interact with seeing your nudes don’t send them to people, and especially don’t make porn of yourself. Breakups make people bitter and terrible and they do and say things that you didn’t think they would be capable of. Continue reading

Sex Ed Saturday: What What In The Butt

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Ahoy there anal explorers! Today on Sex Ed Saturday we are going to explore the wide and wonderful world that exists inside of your anus. This week we are going to talk about lube, pegging, and of course that everybody poops! So join me, your posterior professor, for this sphincter seminar. Continue reading

Sex Ed Saturday: No Glove No Love: Lets Talk About Barriers

So, first thing’s first. I know all of you know that condoms exist.  Everyone is aware that there is a little rubber tube you put a penis in before said penis participates in sexual contact.  We have all heard the myriad assortment of slogans from “no glove no love” to “don’t be a fool vulcanize your tool.”  Every teen movie seems to have some frustrated gym/health teacher handing out condoms while telling students that if they have sex, they will die.  In fact, my own pubescence was spent with the mantra “what are drugs? Bad. what are boys? Bad.” because interaction with penis-bearing individuals would result in my contracting thousands of STDs and dying.  As a result of my childhood mantra, safe sex has always been an obsession of mine.  To me, genitals are like comic books: unless it’s your own, you shouldn’t handle it without a protective sleeve.  That being said, barriers go beyond just covering penises in plastic and it’s time to talk about that. Continue reading

Sex Ed Saturday: RACK vs. SSC

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Within the confines of new age kink there are two acronyms that separate us from the animals.  RACK, or Risk Aware Consensual Kink, and SSC, or Safe Sane Consensual, are two philosophies that people cling to desperately and they are complete and utter bullshit. Continue reading

Sex Ed Saturday: C-O-N-S-E-N-T Find Out What It Means To Me!

A while back consent came into vogue.  The internet was plastered with the slogan “consent is sexy”; but consent isn’t sexy.  Consent is necessary.  Consent is a fundamental right to control what happens to your own body.  As informed members of the modern world, we want to form a consent based culture.  Consent Culture is when a community as a whole focuses on understanding and practicing informed consent in all of their actions. Continue reading

Sex Ed Saturday: Furries The Whipping Boys Of The Internet

Let’s be completely frank here, everyone shits all over furries.  It’s awful, but that’s how it works.  Furries are a rather misunderstood bunch of people.  A furry is simply a person who likes to dress up like a humanoid animal.  That’s it.  Nobody is having sex with animals or enticing children.  It’s just people playing dress-up.  At the weirdest, furries are consenting adults having sex in costumes.   Continue reading